23rd October 2017

Due to the mild weather the annual red deer rut was later to take center stage in the National Park in Killarney. The rut usually will get into action mid to late September or after some frosty weather. However the large stags were there in their numbers and the park reverberated to the bellows of the stags as they competed with each other for mating rites.

There were a large number of photographers there to capture the special moments and a great and successful time was had by all in the park.

4th September 2017

After a lot of searching through the woodlands of Ireland I finally managed to get close to one of our most magnificent birds, The Buzzard. This is one of a breeding pair which were located down in South Kilkenny this summer.

Although I was there in the location for quite a while there was only one photo opportunity that came my way and these are the images as a result.

The buzzard is fighting against the odds in this country and comes in for a lot of misguided headlines.

More often than not you will hear their loud shrill as they soar very high in the sky.

24th August 2017

Thanks to all who called in to view my recent exhibition at the Tholsel High Streek Kilkenny for the 2017 Arts Week.

There was a great atmosphere in the city and the crowds were out in large numbers even though the weather this year wasn't quite what we are used to for the Arts Festival.

Congratulations to Mary Harrington who won the competition for the Red Door Plaque which was run on Facebook and also at the Tholsel.