22nd June 2017

This red squirrel was photographed this spring in a pine forest in County Laois. He worked tirelessly collecting and burying his find.

When food is in plentiful supply they will eat a certain amount and then bury the rest for leaner times.

The native red squirrel is making a comeback in Ireland after suffering at the hands of the non native imported grey squirrel.

If you keep your eyes peeled whilst walking through the Irish woodlands, you might be lucky enough to catch a fleeting glimpse of this beautiful little animal.

14th June 2017

This photograph was taken on a farm in Co. Laois. A vixen had five cubs, although, throughout all the times I was there in my wildlife hide, at no time were all five cubs together at any one time.
The vixen had the cubs located in two separate dens in the field, with three the most to be together at any one time.

The vixen worked tirelessly bringing baby rabbits back to the den when the cubs were small, she then brought large rabbits as the cubs got bigger and hardier.

31st May 2017

This photograph was taken on a recent trip to Jenkinstown Woods in Kilkenny. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing through the bluebells. A beautiful place to visit any time of the year but when the bluebells are out it is just exceptional.

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